Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Science is Settled

This week, emails from several global warming researchers were exposed to show collusion in manipulating the data to show "evidence" of global warming when the "evidence" was not that convincing. According to the emails released, that data shows that the earth has not warmed for the last decade but the researchers have manipulated the data to show that it has. This now raises doubts about the science of global warming and if we can truly believe what we are being told. This includes the statement I have heard from many that the "science is settled" on global warming and now we have to figure out what to do about it.

We should always be wary of any scientist that declares "the science is settled". For example, we can say that the science is settled in regards to gravity. It is true that we understand the law of gravity, how it works, and how it changes with respect to distance and mass. However, we do not understand why it happens and the underlying cause of gravity. The law of gravity was introduced by Newton in 1687. It has since been superseded by Einstein's general theory of relativity but for most purposes, Newton's law is still valid. We have over 300 years of science since Newton's discovery and I would still say the science of gravity is not settled since we still cannot explain it's origins.

As for global warming, we do have data that shows the earth warms and cools. We have theories as to why it warms and cools but these theories are far from settled science. In fact, the science is so unsettled that we struggle to come up with an accurate weather forecast 1 week out.

Here is my theory - when someone tells you that the "science is settled", they want you to accept their theory without question so they don't have to debate it with you. Now a good scientist will question that theory and try to disprove it. I'm open for debate!

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