Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lively Debate

In 1787 at the beginning of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, John Rutledge of South Carolina stated the following, "Only by taking a position and then engaging in lively debate to defend it do we find its weaknesses and flaws. And once such flaws are discovered, prudent men change their minds accordingly."

We have many issues in this country. We have had lively debate on health insurance reform, cap n' trade, troops in Afghanistan and this should be encouraged. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of name calling instead of debate. Stop making it personal and make it about the issues. If we cannot have honest and open debate about the issues, we are never going to find solutions without flaws. If you cannot defend your position in a debate, then maybe your position is not right? If you can defend it, then maybe it is a solution to a problem.

This week we have seen officials at the White House resort to attacks on Fox News. If they don't agree with the views expressed on Fox News, then debate those views with them. Resorting to non-specific attacks does not help any of us. Only through lively debate will we figure out the solution to our problems.

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